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April 14,2014
FLP is introducing the brand-new X1 Smart
Tray for any Airline that is looking for improved customer experience. A smart solution that allows passengers to put their own tablet device in a prebuild groove of the tray.

About Us

Since 1999 Flight Line Products has been supplying quality interior products for the commercial airline industry. The company specializes in passenger and crew seating components such as Plastic Shroud, Arm Rest Cover, Food Tray, Cushion, Dress Cover, Backrest Support, Seat Pan, many structural and appearance products.

Product & Capabilities

  • Passenger Seat Components
  • Crew Seat Components
  • Armcap Polyurethane & Leather
  • Metal Structures
  • Mechanical Components
  • Cushions & Dress Cover
  • Modification & Overhaul Kits


  • Passenger  & Crew Seat Overhaul
  • Modification & IFE Integration
  • Component Repair
  • PMA & STC Certification
  • 25.562 Compliance / Dynamic Testing
  • FAA 25.853 Flammability Testing
  • LOPA & Interior Arrangement Compliance